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New year, new us (yup, we said it)

HAPPY NEW YEAR! We hope that 2021 was as successful as you needed it to be and that you're ready to hit the ground running for 2022! We are truly thankful for each and every one of you and the support that you have offered us over the last few years! **cheers to us all**

Here at Wright Choice Bookkeeping, we are consistently looking for better and more innovative ways to serve you. For 2022 we have some exciting news! We are now focusing more of our efforts on tax preparation as well as providing budgeting and forecasting services. We will still offer some of our original services which you can check out on the website, but our bookkeeping offerings have changed. We will no longer be providing monthly bookkeeping services or monthly payroll processing. Instead we will provide a retroactive bookkeeping service to embody bringing your books up to date for tax preparation services. We will also still provide W2 and 1099 processing for the end of the year for your employees. It is our hoe that by switching things up a bit, we will allow ourselves the room to serve you in the most requested needs.

Also (and this is A MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT), we have branched off and developed a sister company, En'nayr Consulting (pronounced in-air)! With this branch of our business, we are developing such services as grant writing and business proforma preparation (a fancy way to say business plan writing). You can visit the website any time at The IG handle is @ennayr_consulting. Head over to check out our newest baby, and help us out by following the page to help us grow!

We look forward to continual service - let's get this year started!


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